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As a specialist in children and family photography you can be sure that you will get a fabulous session with lots of choice to select your final images from.   I have plenty of experience with beautiful mum’s who aren’t used to being in the spotlight, doting dad’s who love their little darlings and want to carry a picture around with them, all kids of shy or over exuberent kids, bored teenagers and those partners who are only there to keep you happy.  I will ensure that all of you are looked after and have a session you will enjoy.

During our initial telelphone conversation we will talk about why you want the photos, if they are for a special event like a birthday or Christmas and how you would like to be styled.  You can choose a particular style of image that you like or simply let me suggest some options to you. 

At your session you will have the time and space to let your family relax so that we get the best possible expressions from your children.  However, I know that children can start to feel tired or under the weather so that is why I will arrange for you to come back within the next 7 days if your children just won’t settle totally free of charge.  (this is at the photographer’s sole discretion and is based on the number of beautiful images we capture during the initial session)

Family photography and portraits can be held during the week or weekend at my studio or out on location.  Please text FAMILY to 07810798311 to book or send me your contact information.  Session prices from £80 in the week.  

I adore creating children and family photography because I witness your love for each other, and I’m so blessed that I can capture and preserve it so that you and your children can feel it whenerver they look at those pictures

My passion is creating beautiful and timeless photographic portraits of children from my studio or out on location around the Shropshire countryside.  Every person I photograph is beautiful and unique and so are my images.  My sessions are designed around you and are full of joy and laughter so I capture the real personalities of your children that you will treasure forever.   My photography stands out due to its beauty and simplicity, I show you the amazingly soulful, serious and playful expressions that only you know.  Every ounce of my love and admiration for these small humans is brought out in each of my images and I work from my heart, I get to know these amazing people and bring out the wonder of them.

Children and family photography is definitely the most rewarding part of being a photographer.